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For that especially purposely made item, send us an email to info@wildskinsandthings.co.za or alternatively call us on 0796225959. Tell us what you need and we report back in a few days with a proposed design and fee.  A 50% deposit is required up front and the balance is payable after the item is completed. We will send you Photos of the finished product prior to shipping in order to have your approval of our work, which upon settlement will take place. After full payment we will ship the item to your given address.


No verbal instruction will be acted upon; all instruction must be done in writing.

For our stocked items just go to the shopping cart and follow instruction.


Although we will have the website updated on a regularly basis, The stocked items is one of a kind due to the difference in skins and especially the Nuguni skin products , and that we could have sold the item already out of hand. In such a case we can either manufacture a similar item with a different skin or we will refund you immediately.