Wild Skins and Things was started one year ago by two sister in-laws Tania de Swardt and Annette Scheepers.

Annette and her husband is in the hunting industry, there customers come from all over the world, to hunt Trophy animals that consist of small and big game, In Limpopo and Surrounding Country’s.  She soon saw an opportunity to supply these hunters with ready-made gifts and other memorabilia made of animal hide and leather, to take home to their families and friend’s.

Tania is in the textile industry for the past couple of years. With her exceptional eye for fabrics and high standard of work she produces some of the most exquisite clothes, curtains and other products for high end customers in Limpopo and surrounding areas.

Therefore it was just a matter of time that Annette With her customer base and Tania with her sewing skills got together and start up Wild Skins & Things.

Wild Skins & Things pride itself on producing high end merchandise for the oversee hunting industry
They manufacture some products on special order, some standardized items like Rifle Bags, Woman’s Handbags, Animal skin Rugs, Ottomans, and for that very special order they incorporate an Artist to do art work on skins and leather.

All animal by-products including animal hides and Leather have been generated through legitimate culling and hunting exercises and all activities are conform to legal requirements, Then the products are tanned at established tanneries, ensuring consistency and quality

We are based in the center of the northern hunting industry, in South Africa, Limpopo. Louis Trichardt is 120 km south from the Zimbabwean border, 90 km east from the Botswana border and 150km west from the Kruger national park,.

With our outlook towards the industry where the customer is the most important part in our business, our craftsmanship, expertise and professional skill we strive to bring a unique African experience and  high end products to high end customers.

If you require a peace of Africa in your home, or have any comments, suggestions or special orders please feel free to wright to us. Just remember our pledge remains the same “Make sure the customer is happy” and hope they eventually become friends.